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When I meet with a potential client before even talking about the session details, I like to talk to them about what their interests are and get to know them. I want to include as much you and your family possible into your session. It's way more than capturing a family sharing a laugh together. Every photo taken tells a story and creates a new memory.  I want to include as much as you into your session as possible. Once you're approved for a portrait session with Paula Faerman Photography we will start to plan the session to every detail as possible. We will go over all details from posing to wardrobe. We will cover our editing style and process of choosing your digital images and how we edit them to how wall art products are chosen and created. Once your images and products are capturing to you, your experience with Paula Faerman Photography doesn't end there. We turn our clients into friends and make sure to always stay in touch with you, your family and be there as a support whenever needed! With Paula Faerman Photography, it's a personal experience. It's more than a business to us, it's a friendship bonded over creative art.