Styling Tips + Tricks for Portrait Sessions.

What to wear is one of the most important decisions in a photoshoot. So in this blog post I will be giving my viewers some styling tips, on what to wear and what NOT to wear during any type of session. 

Spring & Summer: Ladies, Dresses are Skirts are perfect to wear during this warm weather. Light colors such as pink, a sky blue, purple, yellow, and white is something to stick too during these seasons. Gentleman, wearing Jeans or khaki's with a casual t-shirt or polo shirt are perfectly fine, some colors you may want to stick with are blues, greens, purples and white. 

Fall & Winter: Ladies, Jeans and tights are perfectly fine to wear during the colder seasons. Blazers and jean jackets are good to wear in the fall with some warm comfy coats in the Winter time. To top those outfits off you can add on a hat, or a scarf to accessories. Gentleman, darker pants and sweaters or polos, are what you should wear during your session. In the fall some colors to wear are Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown White & Black and with Winter some popular colors are Red, Blue, Browns, Purples, Greens, Black and White. 

What NOT to wear: I know it seems like every family or couples portrait you see, everyone is wearing a White button down shirt and Jeans, but that is something I try and stay away from. The reason why is because everyone is wearing the same clothes, and as some families want that (and I will not deny your request if you really want too) but try to match colors, but different styles of clothing to make it look more fun and make each person in the session stand out more.  For example, say I'm photographing your family session, and there's two females and two males in the family,  the mother could wear a light pink shirt, maybe with some lace, or something that has more flow to it and some white shorts/jeans/skirts, while the daughter could wear a white shirt, and pink shorts/jeans as the males can do the same, just something that can match in colors but different styles in different clothing types that way everyone can stand out in their photographs! 

TIP: Something you will also want to avoid during a portrait session is wearing crazy and funky patterns, especially thin strips, they photograph funny and there is no photoshopping that, so try to lean towards wearing something else. 

Remember to wear something that is comfortable to you, and that defines who you are! This is YOUR session, YOU have to be photographed in what style represents you the most, because what's the point of wearing something you don't want during a session if you don't like the way it looks on you, or the way it feels. I know from personal experience, when I was younger and did some modeling the designers at the Studio I worked with, dressed me in these awful dresses for little girls, and all I wanted to be dressed in was some comfy jeans, and a New Jersey Devils Jersey with some vans on, and not much has changed from modeling at ten years old to being a twenty year old portrait photographer and stylist. (Sorry mom, but we both know it was dreadful) 

MAKEUP: Ladies don't over do it on the lipstick and eyeshadow please. I firmly believe in natural beauty, and overdoing it on every makeup product you have is something I can't just remove when it comes to editing the photos. I've had many seniors in the past, and ladies in Engagement Shoots and other events I've photographed that have asked me to remove this and that because they didn't do a good job on their makeup or hired someone who wasn't able to do their job very well. Now you have two options here, so pick carefully ladies! With certain sessions (Seniors, Birthday's, & Weddings) I offer a discount from Makeup by Galina, a professional makeup artist I have been working with for years who will do your makeup before your session or big day or you can do your makeup yourself if you promise to don't over do it. My job is to photograph you as a Senior, or the love between you and your partner, even the love between you and your family, and photograph friendships. So please remember if you are a Senior and just starting to do makeup by yourself, or maybe you're just trying out new colors and shades remember not every color works for every girl, so here's some makeup you can stick too that makes you look more natural and not like a version of a jersey shore cast member in 2011. Let's stick with some powder, mascara and a little bit of blush, and an eye shadow that will make your natural eye color pop a little more! TIP: Get a lip tint use it as a blush and on lips it will last longer! 

PERFECT TIMING: A great time to be photographed in the Spring time is from 10am-12pm or  3-5pm when the sun isn't too harsh and the lighting is just perfect! Summer is before 10am and after 5pm. Fall & Winter is any time after 2pm and before the sunset which is normally 4-5pm. 

I can't wait to see what everyone has put together before their session, I know you'll all look fabulous before your session and I am too excited to see! 

Love, Paula!