Picture Me Beautiful.

I've been apart of the PMB Program since October 2014. The whole experience has been great so far, and I'm sure as long as I'll be photographing, I will be apart of this great program. As a Portrait Photographer, we always try our best not only to connect personally with our clients but also how to make them feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. I've had clients in the past asking me to get rid of a double chin, or extra fat on their body in Photoshop. Anyone who has worked with me or even knows me understands how much I can't stand photoshop. Yes, I have it. I need it for my classes at NYIP, but I rarely use it. First off, I'm a Sports Photographer and there isn't that much to edit in a photo but when it comes to shooting family sessions, or seniors or any type of portrait really, I always tell my client in a meeting before our session and then again during, that the images I get are how you look like, and the detail shown in the images will be the detail shown in your final edited images. 

Of course, I may add a B&W Filter here and there, and touch up the face so blemish's will be gone, and the teeth will be a bit whiter. As a photographer I photograph reality. I photograph my client just as they are. My style of photography is crisp, clean and timeless. Growing up, I have been in front of the camera as a Child Model and let me tell you I hated it. (Sorry Mom) I never liked people telling me what to wear, or how to do my hair or anything else. Even as a Portrait Photographer now, I pose my clients and I can help them with what to wear if they ask but I will never demand someone to do something they don't want too just so I can get "the right shot" that I have in my head. There's many poses and locations to shoot at, and I will do my very best each session for my clients to laugh and create memories with their friends or families without them thinking that their session wasn't fun because all they were hearing was what to do and when to do it. 

We live in a society where everyone has to be the prettiest and the coolest and this is not what life is about. Life is about making something of yourself, working hard, doing the right thing, helping others, loving people around you, being happy and loving yourself which many young kids and young adults have a problem with. Instead young girls and boys go to school or work and they're labeled on what they wear, what they look like, how they talk and it isn't fair at all. Not everyone is born to be the next Miss America (Don't get me started on beauty pageants). People can be so cruel, and words hurt more then some of us may know. 

Sometimes before a session my clients aren't in the best mood, maybe they've had a fight with a family member or a friend the day before or they just simply don't feel good, but they know they can count on me not just to be a photographer, but a friend. Because with every session, my goal is to not just capture the memories for you and your family and friends, or just to get great images so the client will be happy but to also leave the session knowing my clients have the best experience possible, and to know if they're upset over something that I am there as a friend during the session and after. That's just who I've always been. A friend. 

Now with that being said, let's talk about the real subject here. Picture Me Beautiful. 

Picture Me Beautiful is a program created by a group of photographers around the world to counteract the negative messages and falsehoods that bombard girls from all angles nowadays. All these messages that tell them that they have to be "perfect" to be beautiful rather than celebrating the beauty of realness and diversity. That a girl is beautiful even if her looks don't look like the newest girl on the cover of a magazine. Being beautiful is being real, it's being unique, it's being yourself.

There is beauty in everyone and we are going to find it in every one of these girls and make it so they can no longer deny their own beauty. If you, your child or someone you know who is from the age of 12-18 is interested in having a free 30 minute photo session with PSF Photography please click here to fill out the application so we can learn more about the type of session you would like. You will receive digital images, as well as an two online galleries on my website and Facebook page.  

We know this won't automatically turn your daughters, sisters, friends, or even yourself into believing  they're beautiful, I can relate first hand after being bullied for no reason whats so ever through out my middle school and high school experiences that it will help even if it's just a little bit. A half hour session can do a lot. Because the images will be there forever. They can see how they look with natural beauty, and how the sun shines in the background and they will be thankful for not only gaining a friend in that experience but they can appreciate their true beauty. It sure isn't easy, but it's not impossible. 

I am the President/Leader of PMB in the State of New Jersey. So If you have any questions please make sure to contact me at PaulaSFaermanPhotography@gmail.com. Make sure to check us out on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and our website. 

Paula Faerman