Senior Session : Emma

Yesterday I got the pleasure of photographing one of my best friends for the last four years! It's always a blast getting to hang out with my dearest friend Emma, but to get to photograph her Senior Session was even more awesome!

This gorgeous girl is going to Ithaca College in just a few months - how awesome is that? She's worked so hard and we made her senior session all about her personality, as it should be. I included Star Confetti, because Emma enjoys being in plays and even though she is going for a career in journalism she can easily be a broadway star, and this girl loves to always have fun, so a little (or a lot) of confetti didn't hurt!

Emma also included into her senior session, a few hockey props because she is one of the biggest hockey fans I know and she loves to play too! (Lucky for me, if it wasn't for the New Jersey Devils I probably wouldn't have met her) 

As much as I'll miss her while she's away in college, I will always get to look back on the fun memories we had during her senior session + all those devils games over the years! Emma has a smile I will truly never be able to forget! Take a look at Emma's GORGEOUS Senior Session below!